The truth about columbus day

So they made a bunch of paper, and sold the paper, and when they were done they had enough money to buy Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Since Europeans did not, at that time, have knowledge of longitude and latitude, Colon ended up sailing West to the Caribbean Islands.

But continuing to honor a man who brought such misery to American Indians only serves to hide the truth about how this country was formed. And Columbus thought that the indigenous people that he discovered would make great slaves.

Landing on the shores of the Americas, Columbus did not think twice about what he believed were an inferior people who should be held as slaves, guides, even as dog food for their ongoing exploits.

The Truth About Columbus Day: Why Are We Celebrating?

Inthe king and queen sent in a royal administrator, who detained Columbus and his brothers and had them shipped home. Let's tell the truth about Christopher Columbus. Why do we have this extraordinary gap in our American ethos?

Combined with his truly historic and widespread impact being incidental to what he was actually trying to do so a little hard to celebrate him for even that side of his lifemaybe it is time that we let go of the myths we learned about Christopher Columbus in elementary school and stop celebrating Columbus, the man.

Cruelty and Slavery Why do we honor a man who, if he were alive today, would almost certainly be sitting on Death Row awaiting execution? Zinn not only maligned Columbus, but attacked the larger migration from the Old World to the new that he ushered in.

Columbus Controversy

Let's call it Heroes of Peace Day. The lookout on the Pinta was Rodrigo de Triana and he was the first to spot land. In fact, Columbus was the first slave trader in the Americas. The REAL question is: InColumbus arrived back in the New World and immediately took Arawaks as prisoners. Surprisingly, the true story of Christopher Columbus has very little in common with the myth we all learned in school.

He simply refused to baptize the native people of Hispaniola.

Will This Be the Last Columbus Day?

But in all honesty, I am not sure how we should deal with the memory of Columbus. As governor and viceroy of the Indies, Columbus imposed iron discipline on what is now the Caribbean country of Dominican Republic, according to documents discovered by Spanish historians in If Christopher Columbus were alive today, he would be put on trial for crimes against humanity.The Truth About Columbus.

Columbus Controversy

Christopher Columbus, whose real name is Cristobol Colon, of course did not discover America in In fact, he never claimed to have done so; white historians did it for him. Indigenous people and Afrikans were already living in the western hemisphere, thousands of years before his expedition.

Oct 09,  · John Iadarola and Brooke Thomas discuss why Columbus Day needs to stop on Skip navigation Sign in.

The Truth About Columbus Day

Search. The Truth About Columbus and the Round Earth -. Oct 11,  · If Mark Twain was right that a lie can travel halfway around the world before truth has a chance to put on its shoes, imagine the damage a lie can do over years.

Happy Columbus Day! Previously, elevation of Columbus to a hero caused people to name cities (and a country, Colombia) after him and many places still celebrate Columbus Day. But nowadays people tend to see Columbus for what he really was: a brave but extremely flawed man. Aug 21,  · Protests at Columbus Day parades, efforts to eliminate him from classroom curricula, and calls for changing the federal holiday have all followed.

The Truth About Columbus Day

Whatever your views of the “Columbus controversy,” this holiday continues to be an important way for all Americans to learn more about the Age of Exploration and the enormous. Many tribal Indian governments remain open on Columbus Day as a form of protest.

But in all honesty, I am not sure how we should deal with the memory of Columbus. I believe we should remember the horrific truth about the man and his contributions to opening the doors to colonization.

The truth about columbus day
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