Should college athletes get paid for

The next year, they may transfer to another school with an even higher offer. Giving them what they deserve right? College student-athletes are given a rare opportunity.

Tuition, room, board and books were compensation enough. These coaches will receive bonuses for getting to the playoffs, winning championships, or breaking school records.

The NCAA is also considered a non-profit company. If somebody is willing to give A. Who else makes money off these near-professional level athletes? Tuition, room, board and books were compensation enough.

Whether student-athletes should be paid is an ongoing debate often brought up during championship seasons, especially the college football playoffs and the basketball post-season.

Should College Student-Athletes Be Paid? Both Sides of the Debate

While there are good arguments to be made on both sides it is my opinion that college players should not be paid. While the jersey the team sells does not have the player's name on the back of it, far more fans will buy that jersey over a jersey with a random number on it.

If scholarships were taken out of the deal, and only salaries were given, then it would be more fair and affordable for the university, right? Through donations, ticket sales, media rights, advertising, and anything else with a price tag, these athletes are symbols for their school and their program.

Sometimes money is needed. Why can't hundreds of millions of dollars be directed into those, and in turn make money much more accessible to athletes for the kinds of regular day-to-day expenses regular college students pay by working jobs that are off-limits to intercollegiate athletes?

Nothing about the way hundreds of millions of dollars is distributed is equitable or even fair. We were on the road all the time, even gone for two straight weeks at one point. The flip side of this is that not all sports teams are profitable.

If these athletes were paid, it would change their motives as students. Yes, pay would vary, just as the universities with the more successful teams receive more television time or money than those with less successful teams.

Some players, if they come from a low-income household, get a few hundred dollars each semester from Pell Grants which enables them to buy chicken soup instead of chicken-flavored ramen.

College athletes deserve to be paid

If a music student goes out in the summer and earns 50 grand, who objects? Instead, they go to the coaches, athletic directors, and some administrators, reports Edelman. As always, there are two sides to any argument.

The players have become employees of the universities and conferences as much as students -- employees with no compensation, which not only violates common decency but perhaps even the law.

I feel like a student athlete. Players like Andrew Luck, who are the face of their university, deserve to be compensated. He would come back exhausted, but he needed whatever money they would pay him. Those who say college student-athletes should not be paid argue that they receive scholarships as a form of payment for their talents.

The NCAA "prevents student-athletes from allowing their likeness to be used for promotional purposes. A lot of college basketball players go to school for just 1 year and then turn pro.

This is something that has been a growing issue in recent years. They are still in college—which is a privilege in itself—while pursuing their dreams of playing a sport. The flip side of this is that not all sports teams are profitable.

If a school makes a huge scientific achievement, they will be in the newspaper for a few days.Should NCAA Athletes Be Paid?

More UNLV guard Bryce Dejean-Jones shoots against California forwards Richard Solomon and David Kravish during the NCAA Tournament in. The NCAA men’s college basketball tournament is over: The University of Connecticut beat Kentucky,for the championship. The debate whether college basketball and football players should be paid, however, is just beginning.

Since we’re in the heart of March Madness, now is a great time to debate whether college student-athletes should be paid or not. People who think college student-athletes should be paid often say the students’ names and images are used on products and in advertising, among other things, so they should receive some of the profits.

Mar 29,  · All of this begs the question, that if the NCAA did choose to pay college athletes, what would be the advantages or disadvantages of doing so? Below are a few potential pros and cons of paying college athletes. Jan 30,  · When the NCAA was first founded inthe opposition to paying student-athletes was akin to the opposition to paying coaches.

(If you doubt this, research early criticism of Alonzo Stagg). But, coaches today get paid, and handsomely too. Some people think that if the players can bargain over their working conditions, they will want to be paid, just as professional athletes are.

And this may change college sports forever.

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Should college athletes get paid for
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