Research paper on effective classroom management

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While all students have different needs, these are a few that are shared by most. The challenges described above as well as the common responses teachers employ are representative of what occurs in many classrooms across the nation from Kindergarten through Grade Those three together make for a better learning environment for all.

Dissertation on Classroom Management

Numerous people have tried to give me the best advice for making things work, but ultimately it will be my choice to decide what works best for me. Rules and consequences fall under both the needs of the student and the teacher, so those are essential as well.

Classroom Management Research Paper Starter

Skinner proposed that proper and immediate reinforcement strengthens the likelihood that appropriate behavior will be repeated. Holliday emphasizes that in order to effectively manage a classroom, teachers must build the human connection first, sometimes one student at a time.

This made the pupils feel clostophobic, and they often became frustrated with the lack of space. I think laying out a general guideline and having the students contribute ideas and sub-guidelines is a good idea.

Setting clear rules in the classroom is extremely important. I quickly learnt that motivation and enjoyment plays an enormous part in how a pupil will behave in a lesson.

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This may also bring out the competitive nature of their peers. In choosing my classroom rules, I would like to utilize the input of the student, but not solely depend on them to make the classroom rules.

His research on operant conditioning, or behavior modification, had a profound influence on the field of classroom management. In Llangoed, they adopted a form of behaviour policy that involves the whole school operating on a reward system that was to encourage good behaviour.

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One cannot teach a student who is disengaged and bored, so as a teacher it is necessary to understand the need for exploring topics of interest. They cannot use the excuse that they were not aware of the rules and what they entailbecause they helped to create them!

Of course, this also draws upon the importance of constant monitoring of behaviour as well as work, and also refraining form turning your back on a classroom of children.

What about my needs though? A teacher who does not feel safe and secure around her students, should not be in that classroom. These, in my own opinion, are some of the most important needs that a teacher might face, especially when teaching adolescents. When students misbehave, become distracted, have difficulty handing in assignments on time, or experience any other common difficulty in the classroom, they communicate to teachers that some element of the experience is not working for them.

However, when pupils were not under my supervision, they tended to misbehave. I agree particularly with Glasser, who states that students have a need for belonging, "fun", freedom, and a warm environment with a meaningful and engaging curriculum.

In addition to the use of technology, I would want a classroom that would allow me to rearrange the seating to my preference.

Common classroom management techniques are provided such as setting clear expectations and consistently enforcing rules and expectations. This way, I am placing the rules that have to be in place whether they are school rules that have to be enforced, or rules that I simply cannot live withoutbut they are also contributing to the sub details and feeling some sort of ownership.Classroom Management This Research Paper Classroom Management and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: review • January 29, • Research Paper • 1, Words (7 Pages) • 1, Views.

Teacher Classroom Practices and Student Performance: How Schools Can Make a Difference paper was presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association in Seattle, Washington, in April of research, known as effective schools research, sought to identify common characteristics of.

Effective classroom management strategies come from years of experience working with students and years of research related to the types of responses most effective at eliminating undesirable. Download file to see previous pages However since effective classroom is a significant contributor to the learning and development of the students it is important to examine the issue in order to identify strategies that could make it easier for teachers.

There are a multitude of strategies and approaches that have been put forward and tried over the years; but before going into the process of. - Effective classroom management is found in classrooms where the teacher and student relationships are strong. Boys’ Behaviour In An Elementary School Classroom - This paper will look at boys’ behaviour in an elementary school classroom from an education professional standpoint.

Effective Classroom Management Research Paper

Research shows that effective classroom management. Dec 18,  · Dissertation on Classroom Management. praise and enjoyment play an important part in classroom management. I felt that praise was a very effective form of increasing motivation, not just in one pupil, but in their peers also.

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Research paper on effective classroom management
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