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Again the sacrifice made which must be Maritime law in nigeria essay in nature must have been successful in averting the peril of imminent danger.

In addition the Plaintiff must state the date of carriage, the bill of lading, the date, place of issue, and number of the bill of lading.

Examining contemporary issues on international maritime law

Let us look at some recent decisions. There are set down modes of enforcing judgements of the Courts. Has any of those events now occurred? In addition the Plaintiff must state the date of carriage, the bill of lading, the date, place of issue, and number of the bill of lading.

Provided that the master or other person so signing may exonerate himself in respect of such misrepresentation by showing that it was caused without any default on his part, and wholly by the fraud of the shipper, or of the holder, or some person under whom the holder claims. The statute itself does not define arrest but in Article 1[2] Bussels Convention on Arrest, "arrest" is defined as "the detention of a ship by judicial process to secure a maritime claim, but does not include, the execution or satisfaction of a judgement".

The pleadings here must include the actual time of the damage, the description of damage [particulars] and the amount of damages specifically claimed. At least fourteen days before the day of hearing a copy of the order nisi shall be served upon the garnishee and on the judgement debtor.


The Court also held that any endorsee or consignee to whom the property in the goods shall pass upon by reason of such consignment or indorsement and who has given valueable consideration shall be entitled to sue.

Nigerian Land Law Enugu: Limitation clauses are usually inserted in Shipping documents such as Bills of Lading.

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Was there a demand of the repayment of the balance outstanding? A bail bond or bank guarantee is easier to enforce locally while a letter of undertaking may have to be enforced in a foreign Court after the Plaintiff's victory in the substantive suit.

It is usually required of a debtor or Defendant to assure the payment or performance of his debt by furnishing the Creditor or Plaintiff with a resource to be used in case of failure in the principal obligation. Moldovan cuisine essay help Moldovan cuisine essay help cornell supplement essay arts and sciences undergraduate dissertation pdf creator.

He also frowned that even though piracy has long been regarded as a crime that is subject to universal jurisdiction, there were some practical and legal challenges that have militated against smooth prosecution and incarceration of pirates.

The agreed fee That such fee is reasonable in the circumstances Whether he is a certified pilot or not The date and time the services were rendered and That he has made demands and payment is not forthcoming. He refused to grant the orders of injunction sought. Fourth Dimension Publishing Co.

It is pertinent to mention a few ingredients of such pleadings when it concerns different Maritime Claims. Unsolicited contributions including essays, commentaries and case reviews are welcome on contemporary legal issues of significant value. Writ of fieri facias [fifa] Garnishee proceedings Charging orders Writ of special delivery on goods or their value Order of committal to ensure the doing of or restrain the doing of or continuation of an act Bankruptcy proceedings Winding-up proceedings Writ of sequestration For the purpose of this paper, we shall consider Writ of Fieri Facias and Garnishee proceedings only.

Once the goods have been seized, the next step is for Counsel to get the Deputy Sheriff to sell the goods and realise the judgement debt. Sam Bookman, Babalola, A. It is now the law that once a person can show sufficient interest in the subject matter of a suit, such person would be entitled to bring an action.

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Fourth Dimensions Publishers, To address the situation, the minister stated that several efforts have been made, including setting up of a ministerial committee to introduce basic admiralty law into university curriculum. A chatter by demise operates as a lease of the ship itself. There are 2 types: I cannot but agree with the submission of the Appellant that this case comes clearly under the admiralty jurisdiction of the Federal High Court.

Accordingly, this work seeks to appraise the legislative and institutional framework of maritime laws and institutions in Nigeria with a view to proffering recommendations to perceived and apparent shortfalls therein.

The issue of waiver of demurrage are still referable to the agreement of the contract of carriage by sea. Where there is a successful maritime claim and Judgement is awarded, the execution is carried out by the Bailiffs of the Federal High Court with Counsel for the Judgement Creditor acting as a pointer and policemen ensuring that the exercise is carried out without a break down of law and order.

She has held significant roles in various international and domestic arbitral organizations including being a member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration PCAthe Hague, Netherlands pursuant to her nomination by Nigeria — A bill of lading has been described in Blackburn on Sale, 3rd Edition Page as: Where the Plaintiff claims damages for short landing, the quantity short landed must be clearly stated.

He added that necessary skills in the administration of admiralty law and practice in the justice system was imperative as adjudication on such subject can only be performed optimally when judges are up to date with emerging trends in jurisprudence pertaining to that specialized area of law.Contract Law Essays.

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Essay on Maritime Law - Maritime Law The value of many shipments depends upon fluctuations in the currency rates, freight, handling charges, and other expenses. By means of insurance protection will be provided to goods from any uncontrollable variables.

UNESCO – EOLSS SAMPLE CHAPTERS INTERNATIONAL LAW AND INSTITUTIONS – International Law and the Protection of the Marine Environment - Howard S. Schiffman ©Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS) section discusses some of these. MARITIME PIRACY AND ARMED ROBBERY AGAINST SHIPS: EXPLORING THE LEGAL AND THE DIVISION FOR OCEAN AFFAIRS AND THE LAW OF THE SEA maritime piracy and armed robbery against ships and the.

“THE IMPACT OF CABOTAGE ACT ON ENTREPRENEURIAL OPPORTUNITIES AND NIGERIA’S ECONOMIC GROWTH” BY AUGUSTINE NWEZE PhD (MATRICULATION NUMBER: ) Nigeria Maritime: The challenge of Economic Growth in Nigeria - Introduction 1 The Relevance of Cabotage Law in Maritime Industry 45 Background to the study Maritime Information Warfare 26/11/ - 27/11/ SMi are thrilled to announce the return of Maritime Information Warfare conference, now in its second year.

Maritime law in nigeria essay
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