Introduction to creative writing syllabus

I will announce readings in class as I become aware of them, but you should plan to keep your eye out for readings of types that fit your style and interests. Final Portfolio The final portfolio will be turned in on the Thursday of the 14th week of class.

We will spend time both close reading our texts for the course, and discussing their impact on us as writers. Except for plagiarism, this is the only way you can get an F in this class.

Please also mark up the text itself with specific notes, explanations, etc. Read the assigned pieces see the syllabus. Each meeting should be approx. Three or more missed classes will result in a lowered final grade, usually by one letter per missed class. You can choose to turn in hard copies as you go along, at midterm and the end of the semester, or you can choose to go paperless by posting writing prompts online.

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I find that journaling about craft works best if you begin by copying a specific passage from a text on the left-hand verso page of your notebook and describe specifically what the writer is doing, how it affects you, and how you might be able to apply similar techniques to new or existing pieces of your own on the right-hand recto side.

Since this class in many ways depends upon the experience you bring into it, your ideas and questions are vital to making the class interesting. Please respect your fellow classmates and come to class on time, any tardiness of ten minutes or more will count as an absence.

Having more than 3 absences for the term will lead to an F. Contact Aging Well in Waldo County. Everyone in class is required to have their work discussed by the class in a full-group workshop once.

As a courtesy and for your convenience, please let me know if you are planning on coming to my office hours. You handed in on time and revised work that, while written according to the constraints of the assignments, became more than simply exercises. You will learn resources for finding and researching journals.

Having more than 3 absences for the term will lead to an F. The two basic ingredients of those deep selves are a kind of patient and stubborn optimism about the work, and a general curiosity about the inner lives of things.

I am also required to state that any student who misses the first week of classes of the semester will be administratively dropped from the course. I highly recommend this practice for keeping tabs on what our class and the larger community of writers is up to.

Revising is extremely important to all writers. A Handbook of Poetic Forms. That said, we are in an institution that wants me to give a grade for this class. Participate in class discussion. In academics, we tend to take seriously those positions that are well thought out but easily dismiss rash opinions that are unsupported.

Whereas assessment is the over-arching field that includes all the different work we do, students and instructor, to evaluate different performances during a course, grades refer only to the fivefold letter system used here at Illinois State University.

To be introduced to the creative writing workshop and portfolio methods. Respect for these differences is critical and expected.

I am an avid blogger and found access to the community of poets in Chicago through blogging and using the blog interface to start a do-it-yourself journal called Seven Corners www. A practical and workshop class that introduces writers to the elements of poetry, fiction and drama, this course is open to beginning and continuing writers.

Late work will be accepted for half credit and and I will not accept any work that is more than a week late. Class work will include reading the work of established writers in three different genres, studying the craft of writing, and will involve considerable creative writing within and outside the boundaries of those genres.Introduction to creative writing syllabus deped; Introduction to creative writing syllabus deped.

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English: Intro to Creative Writing Tentative Syllabus, Spring Semester Professor: Lex Williford Section: Intro to Creative Writing—ENGL (CRN ): TR am Room: Hudspeth Hall Office: HUD E-mail.

[email protected] Phone: (HUD ), (English office), (CW Office), (home). 1 Syllabus for Intro to Creative Writing Spring Semester M/W/F in Liberal Arts Building, room Prof. Gail Hosking Office hours: M/W PM, T/Th PM. This course gives students the opportunity to write in different creative genres such as fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.

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Genre writing – The course will cover three genres of creative writing, as stated above: poetry, fiction, and drama. You will submit one complete short story, one act of a dramatic work, and several poems.

Introduction to creative writing syllabus
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