Fashion business plan in nigeria nigerian

But if you are going for well known designers label, then you have to prepare from N10 million.

Hacking The Business of Fashion in Nigeria

How to Start a Fresh Fashion Business by Yourself Here are the guidelines on starting a fresh fashion business for yourself, your first step to becoming self-employed is your unwavering decision to proceed damn the storms.

The last two are more advanced, as they can sew as programed by the user, which makes sewing work a lot easier, but are very expensive. There is no magic in this, if you want to be good, and get people to like your designs then you have to be good and to be good, you need training at any fashion design institute.

The profit margin of this business is very high. Starting a fashion design business in Nigeria is easy, the only hard work is the training process where you have to enrol in a fashion design institute.

It is one thing to invent, and it is another to make known your invention. Make sure you get your training from professionals who understands modern fashion trends. Get your equipments and materials: Women Fashion — The top choice of boutique for women. Therefore, people need to protect their eyes from direct sun rays and heat.

I saw one such distributor in Mararaba town of Nasarawa state near Abuja the other time. Retail is ubiquitous in Nigeria, but it is informal and exists almost exclusively to satisfy a very Nigerian need for anything foreign and cheap. You also need an amazing skill to excel in this fashion business.

You can create a receptionist area where discussions are made with customers, another room for sewing and displaying finished clothes, and a third room for keeping cloths to be sewn and your work material.

Nigerian buyers are few and far between and are unwilling to take a risk on any Nigerian designer, established or emerging. People will always wear clothes and ceremonies will always take place. So keep an organised work place.

The duration of the training differs as every institute has their own calendar. You can try to convince a celebrity to do a free design for them and have them model you designs. Below are some of the major equipments and materials you will need.

Sunshades and Eye Classes frames Retail business: They are offering bespoke tailoring as a compromise to their customers, accounting for the reality that Nigerians are most likely to spend money on fashion if it is directly or indirectly tied to a social event.

So you must get them. Remember this article is aimed at giving you the business idea while you go out there to get your specialized training in fashion design. There is never a shortage of customers. We are made to believe the only barrier separating you from your next big break, is a few yards of cloth and a big idea.

Remember to have a nice restroom your customers can use. Aswani market My friends right now have none of this.

Guide To Starting A Fashion Business In Nigeria

You can advertise your business using business cards, poster, flyers, radio and television. Ladies loves good clothing, shoes and accessories, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a business you will fined very interesting.

Once your patronage increases, you will be able to handle this challenge.The Nigerian fashion industry is a lucrative goldmine that has piled millions of dollars to the few passionate designers in the country.

When we talk about fashion, we talk about looking good which everybody cares about. Starting a lucrative fashion business in Nigeria won’t require a university degree. Fashion Design Business Plan in Nigeria February 9, by BusinessPlan 1 Comment The three basic needs of man have always been food, clothing and shelter and this is a certain constant that will not change with time.

Starting a fashion boutique business in Nigeria is a lucrative business that attracts a lot of customers. Start Fashion Business in Nigeria | Business Plan for Fashion Design Company How to Start a Fashion Business in Nigeria: Fashion Business Startup!

Generally speaking, are we really talking about Nigerian fashion here? Do you want to start up a fashion business right here in Nigeria?

Then you’re my best friend. You don’t need to be a professional to start up a fashion business; in fact, you don’t need a degree to start up any business, all you need is passion and hard work. Business Description of Fashion Design Business plan in Nigeria. Business: Fashion Design.

Industry: Clothing, shoes and other personal items.

Fashion Design Business Plan in Nigeria

PATILADWONDER is a Fashion Design and Training outfit involved in both men and women clothings targeting Nigeria and international market.

Fashion business plan in nigeria nigerian
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