Drug abused among secendory school in

Moreover, substance abuse has also been documented to contribute to the high rate of school dropout, unemployment, high level of crime as well as poverty, which in turn affects the economy of a country.

Conclusion and recommendation Rural secondary school learners in South Africa have a low prevalence rate of substance abuse. Government will be able to make policies and laws that will prohibit the use of dangerous drugs. Such person depends on alcohol to get him through the day and feel he cannot face life without it.

She stressed that if Nigerians did not rise up against drug abuse therefore it cancerous effect spreads, it might be their children, parent, relation or friend that would be the next victim.

Equally, so many experts in the in medical field have proved that student take drugs for therapeutic uses. From the above definition, it is obvious that any of the following conditions constitutes drug abuse, sell administration of drugs without prescription, excessive use of drugs and indiscrimination use of alcohol and tobacco.

In final analysis, the data of this section were Drug abused among secendory school in as a percentage. These drugs alter brain chemistry and can bring about severe withdrawal symptoms.

In the knowledge section, the items covered identifying various narcotics, short-term and long-term complications of narcotics and stimulants, and familiarity with different illegal drugs accessible in the society.

Monitoring the Future Survey: High School and Youth Trends

Find out the reasons why students abuse drugs. There are sites designated for teenagers, encouraging them to try more and more dangerous things involving drugs. Drug abuse has become a cankerworm which has eaten deep into the fabric of the society, so much that there is hardly any government or regime that does not embark on one form of public campaign or the other in the effort to check it.

The administration of the questionnaires lasted approximately 60 min. Use of other tobacco products including hookah Drug abused among secendory school in smokeless tobacco declined among high school seniors.

Similarly, Udofound in a study concerning drug taking beliefs, opinion and behaviour that amoung secondary school students in Ibadan that 89 out of he investigated had experienced smoking cigarette, while of the same sample had taken wine or beer.

This is because the drug taken goes to the brain through the blood stream. Vicodin and OxyContin are popular opioid pain relievers that abusers often crush and snort to get high. With respect to the lart characteristic maccleland, David Kalin and Wanner have viewed heavy drinking by some young man as an attempt to prove their masculinity and achieve feelings of adequate and competency.

For example, in a study which aimed to determine drug abuse among male high school students in Tehran, the research team designed a questionnaire to measure attitude, behavioral intention, resistance skills against narcotics, etc. To investigate why students abuse drugs. The expiration period is never stated, substances that are today referred to as drugs originated from herbs and other natural chemicals, caffeine, which is the main ingredient in tea or coffee and nicotine as in tobacco or cigarette, is widely used as mind stimulant and tension relieving drugs.

It is a common thing among adolescents and even adult to abuse drugs of various types. Findings showed that cannabis abuse was These are easy to obtain as they are legal and can be bought at the corner store or found in a medicine cabinet.

Over the years, it has been observed that students from secondary schools in Egor local government area of Edo state are in the form of drug addiction or the other as well as being involved in drug abuse.

It includes medicine, over the counter drugs, illegal drugs, drugs that are commonly referred to as beverages or cigarettes, food additives, pollutant and food itself. Reacting to drug abuse and its attendant consequences, Alusareported that some students engaged in drug competition and might become psychitic after excessive consumption of a particular drug or alcohol, such student lost self controls, committe crimes including sexual abuse on female students and damaged public property.

To determine scales of each question, the questions were scored at three levels. They include high rate of crime, deformity either physically or mentally and affect unborn children whose mothers abuse drugs when they are pregnant.This research work is intended to cover some secondary school students within Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State.

PURPOSE OF THE STUDY This research work is an attempt to study drug abuse among students in selected Secondary Schools in.

Drug Abuse Among Secondary School Students – Implications For Counselling

abuse drugs while in school play a big role in influencing acts of indiscipline as they are under the influence of drugs.

Thus this study sought to find the factors influencing drug and substance abuse and the effects of these drug among secondary school students Findings and Discussion. EFFECTS OF DRUG AND SUBSTANCE ABUSE ON ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE AMONG SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENTS, KATHONZWENI DISTRICT, MAKUENI COUNTY, KENYA BY The Prevalence of Drug and Substance among Secondary School Students 23 Alcohol was the frequently abused drug in the.

ii environmental and demographic factors influencing drug and substance abuse among secondary school students in kisumu town east, kenya nyatuoro, joshua otieno (currclickblog.com). Drug Abuse Among Secondary School Students – Implications For Counselling The issue drug abuse is a well known phenomenon being condemned by all and sundry including the federal, state and local government through the mass media.

This year's Monitoring the Future (MTF) survey of drug use and attitudes among 8th, 10th, and 12th graders in hundreds of schools across the country continues to report promising trends, with past-year use of illicit drugs other than marijuana holding steady at the lowest levels in over two decades– percent among 8th graders, percent among 10th .

Drug abused among secendory school in
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