Cloud point and pour point determination

This test method has better repeatability and reproducibility than manual method D In step lwhen motion detecting means 19 detects that top member 27 is no longer in proximity, programmable logic Cloud point and pour point determination 20 repeats steps j -l.

Depending on the details of the analysis, the aromatic fraction may or may not include the resins and asphaltenes. The measuring cell of the invention allows a very high degree of exactness in measurements and the measurement results are highly reproducible, making it suitable as a measurement message required for controlling the production.

Measurements of the temperature at which wax precipitation occurs and the amount of wax precipitated are done with stabilized stock tank oils and live reservoir fluids. An apparatus for automatic determination of the cloud point temperature and the pour point temperature of a petroleum fraction, said apparatus comprising: In this technique, a microscope with a temperature-controlled "hot stage" is used to view an oil sample that is being cooled at a constant rate.

A break in the curve of viscosity plotted vs. The temperature at which the first appearance of wax crystals is detected in the sample is determined to be the cloud point. The significance of cloud and pour points Cloud point is of more significance for fuel oils than lubricating oils.

Cloud & Pour Point Apparatus

The study demonstrates the benefits of applying a set of complementary synchrotron-based microanalytical nondestructive methods for characterization of the deposits. Pour point is important for the lubricants used in low temperature.

Depth profiles show heterogeneity in metal distribution, most likely reflecting systematic changes in proportions between the metal concentrations associated with the organic and inorganic phases in the deposits. The velocity of the ultrasonic wave depends on the density of the medium; thus, the transit time for the wave will change at the WAT.

Determination of a WAT significantly higher than the temperatures expected to be encountered during production indicates the potential for wax deposition problems. It is yet another object of this invention to provide an apparatus and a method of using the apparatus to automatically depress the cloud and pour point temperatures of a petroleum fraction to temperatures less than or equal to predetermined temperatures.

The ASTM pour-point test, similar to the ASTM cloud point tests, involves placing a sample of the fluid in a jar and cooling it in a temperature-controlled bath. Oil in a glass jar is submerged in a cooling bath.

In some cases a measuring vessel shaped as a circular cone may be more easily manufactured than a measuring vessel formed by conical polygons, by a rotation ellipse or a hemisphere.

More particularly, the present invention relates to an apparatus and a method for automatically determining the cloud and pour point temperatures of a petroleum fraction containing dissolved wax.

Less operator time is required to run the test using this automatic method. In particular, this concerns diesel fuels and fuel oils made of petroleum as well as aviation petroleum. At the point where they cross and micelles can be formed, "solubility" i.

Pour point depressants such as kerosene and polymerized higher esters of acrylic acid derivatives are well known in the art. The thermometer bulb is positioned to rest at the bottom of the jar. Thus, a problem with these methods is that the measurement results are too varying or the measuring methods are too slow for adjusting the process.

Another unexpected finding was that when such a measuring vessel is used in the measuring apparatus which is mainly shaped as two oppositely oriented hollow cones disposed to face each other flat base to base along a common bottom perimeter or circumference such that each apex points outwards along a mutual parallel axis of said two cones in an opposite direction, the cloud point could be measured considerably more exactly than with earlier methods and the drawbacks of methods of the prior an could be avoided.

What is cloud point and pour point

The heavy end may be further classified with SARA saturates, aromatics, resins, and asphaltenes analysis. This method can be used at high pressure and, therefore, can be applied to live reservoir fluids as well as stock-tank oils. For example, a microscopy method allows for observation of much smaller wax crystals than a visual technique with the unaided eye.

Another objective of the invention is to bring about a method and an apparatus for determination of the cloud point also in untransparent or opaque oil products.

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These analyses routinely extend up to carbon number 30 and may be done up to a carbon number of 45 or more. At every degree fall in temperature, the glass tube is momentarily removed from the air jacket and checked for any haziness and replaced immediately.

The radiated energy, on passing through optical filter, emitted the characteristic wavelength radiation which is amplified and recorded. Top member 27 slides along shaft 52 in orifice 31 of member 27 and remains in proximity of motion sensor Less operator time is required to run the test using this automatic method.

In Asphaltenes and Asphalts, ed.Determination of Cloud And Pour Point of Various Petroleum Products Mix. The Test Further Went On Ahead To Come To Conclusion That Stanadyne Was The Better Fuel Additive Than The Kerosene, In.

Difference Between Cloud Point and Pour Point

The cloud point procedure formerly part of this test method now appears as Test Method D Currently there is no ASTM test method for automated Test Method D97 pour point measurements.

Several ASTM test methods offering alternative procedures for determining pour points using automatic apparatus are available.

Pour Point&nbspTester

The ASTM standard cloud-point determination method is strictly applicable to relatively transparent oils because it determines the cloud point by visual observation of cloudiness in the bottom of a 1 1/2-in.-diameter glass jar.

Cloud and Pour Point Apparatus -MTS The pour point is the lowest temperature at which the oil will just fail to flow. The apparatus consists of main cooling bath made of SS Sheet, stand unit with drain plug & cover with provision. dramatic effect on the cloud point and the higher the paraffin decay (defined as the ratio C n /C n+1) is, the more difficult the detection of the true cloud point that lies.

Description. TANAKA’s MPC series has been designed for automatic determination of POUR POINT (PP) and CLOUD POINT (CP) with small specimen size and shorter test cycle time while securing better test precision than the conventional manual methods.

Cloud point and pour point determination
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